Math & Physics Tutoring

Private Tutoring

Why Private Tutoring?

Private tutoring has long been recognized as an effective way to improve student comprehension and confidence. The one-on-one setting allows for personalized assistance, relationships building and creation of a success plan that takes into account the individual ability, potential and personality of each unique student. 

" Chara made me feel so comfortable, and for the first time in years, explained math to me in a way I actually understood!  My test scores improved significantly as well as my overall view of math. Chara genuinely cared about my understanding of math and me as an individual."   K.Lutz - EHS Grad

Why Choose Me?

I work hard to get to know my students and to build a relationship with each one so their tutoring experience provides a safe and encouraging atmosphere in which they can get the support and assistance they need to become more successful and feel more confident. This  relationship is what makes tutoring work, not just knowing the material!

" Chara was more than a tutor during the two years I worked with her. Although she was the sole factor in turning my grades around, she also worked with me as a mentor, and was able to get on a personal level with each of her students." Matt M. - EHS Grad   

My teaching experience in district  196, and the relationships I maintain with the current Math and Physics teachers, allow me to stay  up to date with the ever-changing curriculum so I can best support what students are learning in class. While working on current topics, I also emphasize  what students need to know to succeed in future courses. That sets them up for success now and in the future!

“Before we found Chara, we tried other tutors but they were unsuccessful because they just covered basic math review instead of the specific topic that was being covered in class that week.”   

How does it work?

Private tutoring sessions are scheduled at school during the student's study hall.  I meet with students weekly to assist with concept comprehension, homework completion and accuracy and test preparation.  
What will it cost?

It is everyone’s least favorite answer, but the cost “depends”. Private tutoring rates depend on the time, day, duration and location. As a general rule of thumb, the private tutoring rate is $65 per session. A "session" is one class period at school, or 60 minutes during after school hours. Please contact me for rates and availability specific to your situation. 

Private tutoring is paid monthly during the first week of each month. While I pride myself on flexibility, and try to accommodate my students as much as possible, it is important to prioritize tutoring - no refunds are given for missed sessions.

If private tutoring is not affordable for your family, consider a small group setting instead.

Small Group Tutoring

Why Small Group Tutoring?

  • Not all students need private assistance. 
  • Some students are more comfortable in a small group 
  • Scheduling works better for your family 
  • Affordability

" Chara is a tremendous balance of technical capability, test strategies, and understanding the moldable teenage mind.  My child truly enjoys going to tutoring and looks forward to seeing Chara every week." M. Gates - Current EVHS Student 

What is it Like?

Students receive all of the same information as they would in private tutoring, just in a small group setting. Group size ranges from 2 to  6 students, all of whom are in the same course. This allows me to focus on what they are currently studying and have it be pertinent to everyone in the group. Take-home notes are provided to each student, and time is allotted for questions and homework help during each session.

 “Chara worked with both of my sons throughout high school.  Both of them participated in the weekly small group math tutoring each trimester.  She actually knows the ISD 196 math curriculum so her reviews are covering exactly what they covered in class that week.  This was extremely helpful!”   J. Grunklee

How Does it Work?

Small groups of  2 or 3 can be scheduled during study halls if they align for all interested students. Other groups of 3 meet at school on set days  shortly after school. Evening and weekend groups can have up to 6 students and meet at my Apple Valley home office.

Why is it Helpful?

Many students have questions and need more examples and explanation than they might receive in the larger class setting. These small groups provide a safe place to ask those questions and gain clarity without doing so in front of their peers or teacher in class. Seeing me weekly throughout the year - and for many throughout high school - students get used to my teaching methods and benefit from that consistency as they change teachers and courses throughout high school.

"After my first 2 tests, I was sitting at an F in math. After tutoring with Chara for 6-8 weeks, I moved up to a B+!"  Matt M. EHS - Grad

What Will it Cost?

Cost varies based on number of students in the group and location. As a guideline, the tuition ranges from $30-$45 per week. Group tuition is paid in full at the beginning of each trimester unless specific payment options are  required, requested and approved ahead of time.

" I would strongly recommend Chara's trimester small group math reviews and her ACT tutoring.  It was well worth the money, and much more important than the money we spent on sports throughout the years." J.Grunklee one EHS Grad/One Current Student

It is important to prioritize and attend weekly sessions as no refunds or make ups are scheduled for missed sessions.

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