Results Based ACT Prep

What do you want on the ACT?

Creating an effective ACT practice plan and test taking strategy requires knowing what your goal score is.  So, how do you choose a goal? We'll use a previous ACT score or practice test to establish a baseline that can be used to set a reasonable goal and start creating a detailed roadmap for how to get there.

How can you get it?

If you don't know how many questions you need right in each subject to reach your goal, how can you know if you're practicing at a level that will allow you to reach it? I'll help you design a customized roadmap that outlines specific strategies,  time management skills and a practice plan to get you there. 

Quality over Quantity!

My unique prep and practice methods allow students to eliminate the daunting feeling often associated with lengthy ACT practice and focus on short periods of focused and intentional practice. This approach allows students to monitor their progress and make adjustments along the way so they can gain confidence as the test approaches.

Will it Work?

As I often tell my students, ACT tutoring is like personal training for your mind. The sessions provide the information, explain the exercises needed to reach your goals, demonstrate how to do those exercises and provide an opportunity to do so with a professional on hand. BUT the key to real success depends on how much time and energy you are willing to put in outside of the sessions. The more effort, the greater results! The plan works, but for it to do so, you need to work the plan!

J.Grunklee - EHS Grad and Current Student - “When it was time for them to take the ACT, they both did some tutoring sessions with her and both had a big jump in score!  Tutoring made a huge difference for both of my sons.  One of them improved their score by 3 points and the other one by 5 points!”

Leslee Nduriri  - Mother of  RHS ACT student

"Chara tutoring my son was by far the best way to prepare him for the ACT test.  She provided him with the tools he needed to be successful on the test. His score improved by 4 points after the tutoring and put him in the range to be eligible for a number of scholarships. I would highly recommend Chara to anyone looking for a tutor!"

P. Zellmann - Mother of RHS ACT student

“My son was very unhappy with his first ACT score, so he decided to take Chara’s prep course. She identified his weaknesses and taught him customized strategies to overcome them. He scored 5 points higher, allowing him more college choices and potential scholarship money. I would definitely recommend this course!” 

What options do I have for ACT Prep with Easy as Pi?

ACT tutoring is available privately as well as in small and large groups. All options include the same strategies, content and customized practice and time management plans. Price varies depending on location, duration and group size.  Contact me for upcoming options.