Meet Me - Chara Hedin

What is Easy as Pi All About?

 Welcome to Easy as Pi where my goal is to help students gain confidence, increase knowledge and learn success strategies for their classwork and for the ACT exam. I am  dedicated to building positive relationships with students and providing them with the encouragement, assistance and support they need to allow their confidence and competence to grow.

What's My Background?

  • Bachelor of Science: Math and Physics
  • Master of Arts: Education
  • High School Math Teacher:  EHS
  • Middle School Science Teacher: DHMS 
  • ISD Curriculum Tutor  - 15 years
  • ACT Prep - 20 years

Who am I in Real Life?

I am a mother of a wonderful high school daughter and three dogs ranging in size from 20 to 200 pounds. I enjoy exercising, being outdoors and spending time with my daughter - even if it means I have to go to the mall to do so. I LOVE tutoring!  I have had so many terrific kids over the years, each of whom  has stolen a piece of my heart as they left high school to become awesome adults. I feel lucky to still be in touch with so many of them!

Why Me for ACT Prep?

 Over the last  20 years, I have developed a successful results based approach to ACT prep that starts with establishing a goal score and designing a customized practice plan to achieve that goal. While still reviewing necessary content, the focus is on test taking strategies, familiarity with format, and design of a customized time management plan  to help each student reach their goal score. 

Why Me for Math & Physics?

My district 196 teaching experience and the ongoing communication that I maintain with the faculty enable me to stay current with curriculum. That way I can help students with Physics and all levels of Math in a way that supports what they are learning in class, providing the knowledge and confidence they need to be successful on tests, quizzes and in future courses. 

Want more details?

Send me an email or call me - 651-428-4330